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Willow's 1st litter: DOB 3/17/18 (3 sold, 1 kept: Peppermint Patty): 4 females


Willow's 2nd litter: Three kittens (DOB 8/10/18) all sold
2 females and one male (the black/white)

  Willow's 3rd Litter
Three kittens DOB 3-19-19 (2 females and one male)

Red tabby boy (recently successfully re-homed)

                 Female calico (sold)

                   Black female (sold)

Peppermint Patty's 1st (and only) litter
DOB: June 18, 2019 (2 females & 1 male)


                              Silver/white tabby female (sold)                                                                                 Black female (sold)

                              Black/smoke male (sold)

Willow's 4th and final litter
DOB: June 10, 2019
2 females

           One day old kittens

     two week old kittens